MYK & Partners Law Firm

A law firm dedicated to serve legal entities or individuals who are in need of legal services with uphold professionalism, ethics and responsibility.

MYK & Partners Law Firm was established in Jakarta in 2014 by M. Dwiyoga Kurniawan under the name MYK & Associates, a legal assistance service that was quickly undertaking litigation cases in criminal, civil fields and several projects from multinational companies.

Armed with experience and number of clients, it demands the addition of new partners and associates. In 2018, Dendhi Rizky Pradama and Anom Sandhi Firmanputra join as Partners thus the firm change their name to MYK & Partners Law Firm based on the deed of establishment No. 08, on February 7th, 2019 before Miryany Usman, S.H. Notary in Jakarta.

MYK & Partners Law Firm is run by advocates who have experiences, abilities and knowledge in finding legal solutions, faced both by individuals and legal entities. Whereas, cases that are litigation or non-litigation.

MYK & Partners Law Firm devotes their experience, capability, knowledge to safeguard, anticipate and defend the client’s legal interests, both those that have not yet occurred and will occur in the future. Therefore, the need for legal services is not only needed when the dispute occur, but to anticipate the potential for the occurrence of legal problems. In which will be very time, energy and thought consuming while it will costing financially.