Our Services

MYK & Partners Law Firm acting at the level of the judiciary in the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia starting from the first court, appeals, cassation to judicial review (PK) which covers General Court (Civil & Criminal Court), Religious Court (Inheritance, Divorce, Grant, Adoption, Sharia), State Administration Court (State administrative dispute), Industrial Relation Court, Commercial Court, Tax Court as well as dispute process outside the court consist of: negotiation, mediation, reconciliation, arbitration (domestic and foreign).

MYK & Partners Law Firm also provide legal products to support the service consisting of: agreement drafting and review, legal opinions, business letters, judicial documents for court proceeding requirement, etc..

Other services we provide include: conducting negotiations and alternative disputes resolution, warning letters or subpoena, registration and / or extension of legal license required by the law.

The scope of our services:

  • Company Law: settlement of problems that arise within the company both inside and outside the company, contract cooperation agreements, legal due diligence, licensing, merger, consolidation, takeover, etc.
  • Agrarian & Construction: To settled dispute regarding land and buildings as well as handling business license required by law.
  • Insurance: To handled legal matters related insurance claim or Insurance business legality.
  • Family Law: To handled family law matters include: grants, inheritance, divorce, adopt child, Resident, etc.
  • Intellectual Property: to handle businessintellectual property registration or business intellectual dispute.
  • Investment: To handle the administration required by the law regarding establishment of PMA (foreign investment), PMDN (domestic investment), affiliates, distributors and agency and others business form of investment as well as to provide legal solution that investors required to operate the business at Indonesia or foreign.
  • Banking, Taxation and Finance: to provide legal service in connection of client financial matters consist of: debt settlement, bad credit, taxation, payment default, finance agreement, banking matters, etc.
  • Information & Technology: To provide legal service related information & technology business requirement consist of: busines contract and business license handling related information & technology.
  • Natural Resources: To provide legal service in connection of client business requirement related natural resources consists of: oil, gas, mining, etc.
  • Sharia Law: To handle client requirement related to sharia matters based on sharia law apply in Indonesia consist of: Sharia business, Hajj, Waqf.
  • Tourism: To provide legal service related tourism business required by client.
  • Employment: To handle employment related disputed face by client based on applicable law.
  • Civil Cases: Accompanying or representing clients in the peace process, negotiations, claim registration and court proceedings.
  • Criminal Issues: Accompanying or representing clients in the Criminal investigation process at police station or other government agencies.
  • Arbitration and alternative dispute settlement: Represents clients in dealing with dispute outside court process by attending negotiation, mediation, reconciliation or arbitration (domestic and foreign).